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Even standup has been weaponised by fake news
The Observer, 30th April 2017

No space is safe when even our TVs are spies
The Observer, 12th March 2017

I can heal divided Britain with my show for everyone
The Observer, 5th March 2017

Roll over, grandma, and tell Robert Peston the news
The Observer, 26th February 2017

A knockout week for the post-shame political class
The Observer, 12th February 2017

With Donald Trump’s help, at least our bananas will be bendy again
The Observer, 5th February 2017

Full of nuts, watching a 70s western, I saw America’s future…
The Observer, 29th January 2017

Beyond good and evil with Gove and Trump
The Observer, 22nd January 2017

My Paul Nuttalls routine has floated back up the U-bend
The Observer, 4th December 2016

No more schmoozing with the enemy on TV shows
The Observer, 20th November 2016

Brexit Britain is desperate for a decent genesis myth
The Observer, 30th October 2016

Brexit confusion is scuppering my show – what next?
New Statesman, 28th October 2016

In Mel and Sue, the true spirit of punk lives on
The Observer, 18th September 2016

All Corbyn needs now is a krautrock endorsement
The Observer, 11th September 2016

Where was Putin when Corbyn needed him?
The Observer, 28th August 2016

Poor Rudolf Bing must be spinning in his grave
The Observer, 21st August 2016

I’m not saying Michael Gove is a bit of an animal…
The Observer, 19th June 2016

Here’s a piece about the BBC recipes fiasco that I prepared too early
The Observer, 22nd May 2016

Pity David Attenborough – the BBC’s Galápagos tortoise
The Observer, 8th May 2016

The EU debate is a cynical battle of big beasts, not beliefs
The Observer, 1st May 2016

Defy John Whittingdale and a dominatrix will whip you into line
The Observer, 24th April 2016

Curating… you are the disease, I am the curator
The Observer, 27th March 2016

Jeremy Hunt is an ethical columnist’s nightmare
The Observer, 14th February 2016

Who will write the front page this nation needs?
The Observer, 7th February 2016

Osborne’s tax deals are the stuff of spaghetti westerns
The Observer, 31st January 2016

In need of an affordable home? Turn left at Pluto
The Observer, 24th January 2016

Why I mourn for Eddie Redmayne’s old phone
The Observer, 17th January 2016

I wouldn’t have an OBE unless they gave me one
The Observer, 10th January 2016

Out of the mouths of babes, real religious truth
The Observer, 3rd January 2016

The best gig I ever saw: Stewart Lee on the Fall, Cornwall, 1984
The Observer, 15th November 2015

Sun slams Corbyn’s nod and gets a rise out of me
The Observer, 15th November 2015

A pyre of burning hate in a pagan, polluted England
The Observer, 8th November 2015

My name is Stewart Lee, and I’m an AAlcoholic
The Observer, 1st November 2015

Royal kisses on the cheeks of a flatulent superpower
The Observer, 25th October 2015

So David Cameron can tell lies but standup comics can’t…
The Observer, 18th October 2015