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Now even Bake Off is being used to stir the pot on immigration
The Observer, 11th October 2015

Where dreams come true: a fantasia on the theme of a liberal pope
The Observer, 4th October 2015

Cameron’s piggy is in the middle of a question we’re not asking
The Observer, 27th September 2015

Jezza the jester? He’s here to satirise politics as we know it
The Observer, 20th September 2015

It’s not easy getting laughs out of the migrant crisis
The Observer, 13th September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn and I are the new Christs
The Observer, 6th September 2015

Time to embrace the horrors of your Spotify playlist data
The Observer, 30th August 2015

Can we be absolutely certain Iain Duncan Smith is real?
The Observer, 23rd August 2015

The Tory trolls are running wild – but all is not lost
The Observer, 16th August 2015

The Tories are using my holiday to change history
The Observer, 9th August 2015

The government’s witch-hunters are ready to reform the BBC to death
The Observer, 19th July 2015

Cameron’s monkeys are feasting on the BBC’s nuts
The Observer, 12th July 2015

It’s too late to save our world, so enjoy the spectacle of doom
The Observer, 5th July 2015

Stewart Lee previews Robert Lepage
The List, 3rd July 2015

A passport to my lovely garden? Dream on, you wretched souls
The Observer, 28th June 2015

Top Gear: can any mortal control this foul, pulsating orifice?
The Observer, 21st June 2015

Britain’s got talent, but don’t trust these clowns to find it
The Observer, 14th June 2015

Fifa, Eurovision, the Baftas… the poison is all around us
The Observer, 7th June 2015

From pagan rituals to the Queen’s speech: the more things change …
The Observer, 31st May 2015

On the A1, at the border of England and Scotland, a miracle unfolded…
The Observer, 24th May 2015

It’s a titanic struggle between two tortoises – and not a hare in sight
The Observer, 3rd May 2015

I feel your pain, David Cameron – and I’ll be out of my job soon, too
The Observer, 26th April 2015

Somerset’s medieval lepers meet the Tory visionary dream team
The Observer, 19th April 2015

Truly, this man was the son of God. And I don’t mean David Cameron
The Observer, 12th April 2015

If we send the migrants back, who will cook my late-night steak?
The Observer, 5th April 2015

If Grant Shapps was made by little green aliens, what’s left?
The Observer, 22nd March 2015

Privatising BBC3 would be as pernicious as Isis destroying Iraq’s historic sites
The Observer, 15th March 2015

Who wants an effigy of a naked Vladimir Putin in their back yard?
The Observer, 1st March 2015

‘Secondary ticketing’ might be legal, but that doesn’t make it morally right
The Observer, 8th February 2015

With Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown and Citizen Khan’s help, I’m creating a comedy databank for Islamic Birmingham
The Observer, 12th January 2015

I’ve had it with comedy awards – and so has my bounty hunter alter ego
The Observer, 21st December 2014

Want to know what’s really killing Christmas? Just ask Ben Stiller…
The Observer, 14th December 2014

The Imaginary Liberal Comedy Cabal will crush the Ukips into dust
The Observer, 5th November 2014

It seems Russell Brand has more in common with Jesus than you’d think
The Observer, 19th October 2014

The Clangers are truly British
The Big Issue, 13th October 2014