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Nigel Farage shouldn’t be in the jungle – get him out of there!
The Observer, 26th November 2023

I’m not sure I feel comfortable pinning a poppy to my cagoule this year
The Observer, 12th November 2023

Will the planet outlive my dying laptop?
The Observer, 5th November 2023

The Tory MP protecting Ipswich, Twix by Twix
The Observer, 29th October 2023

In search of strange and sacred sites – the UK’s weirdest walks
The Guardian, 28th October 2023

Labour’s meat tax is just another Tory lie that we’ve all been forced to swallow
The Observer, 8th October 2023

Wake up, people! GB News is after our National Trust scones
The Observer, 1st October 2023

Vote no to the thinktank pod people trying to body-snatch the National Trust
The Observer, 24th September 2023

The Tories watering down protections for polluted rivers? I smell a rat
The Observer, 3rd September 2023

As Britain drowns in filth, the Tories want more toilets
The Observer, 20th August 2023

This dying, sweary Tory government wants to drag us down with it
The Observer, 13th August 2023

Rishi Sunak – a total investment banker
The Observer, 6th August 2023

Europe burns while the Tories’ net zero plans are set to go up in smoke
The Observer, 30th July 2023

If the Tory degree plan is dopey, look who’s selling it
The Observer, 23rd July 2023

The UK’s Mickey Mouse news agenda deserves only contempt
The Observer, 16th July 2023

Bard jokes: how music-hall greats inspired Stewart Lee to meddle with Macbeth
The Observer, 8th July 2023

Never mind the fate of life on Earth, what about the cat-children?
The Observer, 2nd July 2023

If wanting fair, accurate political coverage means I’m a nerd, knit me a tank top
The Observer, 18th June 2023

Never mind his WhatsApp messages – can Boris Johnson himself be disappeared?
The Observer, 4th June 2023

God save the king? What about the planet?
The Observer, 14th May 2023

The anti-fraud Tories? You couldn’t make it up…
The Observer, 7th May 2023

Sunak’s sushi train Tories are like a banquet of filth
The Observer, 30th April 2023

Britain is a dying nation in need of new curators
The Observer, 16th April 2023

After Garygate, I’ve shown my BBC licence fee the red card
The Observer, 19th March 2023

Brexit has reversed the brains of Sunak and Starmer
The Observer, 5th March 2023

The ghosts of rotten Tories haunt my routine
The Observer, 19th February 2023

Thanks to Nadhim Zahawi, the Tories’ bar of shame has reached new depths
The Observer, 22nd January 2023

Prince Harry’s frostbite has taken the heat off the Tories
The Observer, 15th January 2023

The trusty tarot has revealed the Tories’ future to me
The Observer, 1st January 2023

The Tories’ Santa tax has brought Christmas to its knees
The Observer, 18th December 2022

From jungles to bras, Tory sleaze is lurking
The Observer, 27th November 2022

The Tories are trashing more than just the nation
The Observer, 30th October 2022

Rise up, twitchers! The thinktanks are coming
The Observer, 2nd October 2022

Liz Truss and her team are taking us for a ride
The Observer, 25th September 2022

The BBC axing my show was in very poor taste
The Observer, 18th September 2022