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The Tories’ culture war – what is it good for?
The Observer, 14th August 2022

How much Brexit bull can a proud Brummie take?
The Observer, 7th August 2022

Praise be to Mick Lynch, the Brexit arse made good
The Observer, 31st July 2022

Tory death-priests have our lives in their hands
The Observer, 24th July 2022

Boris Johnson and a robot from Abba? Someone put out an SOS…
The Observer, 17th July 2022

I’m not answering my phone, in case it’s No 10 offering me a job
The Observer, 10th July 2022

Tory contempt for the arts means we face a second dark age
The Observer, 3rd July 2022

Is the V&A a temple of culture or a brothel?
The Observer, 26th June 2022

Refugees, welcome to Schrödinger’s Rwanda
The Observer, 19th June 2022

Dorries slips the leash to clear up the Big Dog’s mess
The Observer, 12th June 2022

If anyone needs to feed the Queen’s corgis it’s me
The Observer, 5th June 2022

Sue Gray’s report is like a surrealist’s bad dream
The Observer, 29th May 2022

Boris Johnson’s ‘oven-ready’ deal has left us with egg on our faces
The Observer, 22nd May 2022

My Waterman conspiracy theory was sunk by Nadhim Zahawi’s incompetence
The Observer, 15th May 2022

Was no gravestone left unturned to smear Keir?
The Observer, 8th May 2022

Barrel-scraper Grant Shapps is taking us for a ride
The Observer, 1st May 2022

I need Boris Johnson to remain in power until the end of August
The Observer, 24th April 2022

Why Brexit Britain is turning purple with shame
The Observer, 17th April 2022

Is Nadine Dorries bird-brained or what?
The Observer, 10th April 2022

Eat your heart out Will Smith – I certainly did
The Observer, 3rd April 2022

Rishi Sunak is taking us for mugs. £180 smart mugs
The Observer, 27th March 2022

Putin tied Boris Johnson up in his own trousers
The Observer, 13th March 2022

I knew Abramovich was taking the piss
The Observer, 6th March 2022

The government’s Flickr photo-diary is a spoof unto itself
The Observer, 20th February 2022

In the name of God, let Sue Gray do her job
The Observer, 23rd January 2022

How committed is No 10 to toppling the topplers?
The Observer, 9th January 2022

The night I met Christ at a bus stop in Dalston
The Observer, 2nd January 2022

Step forward Liz Truss – willing wicker woman for the Brexit bonfire
The Observer, 26th December 2021

The Shaun Bailey photo really is a party exposé
The Observer, 19th December 2021

More sacrifices for Boris, the fool king of pantomime Britain
The Observer, 12th December 2021

I warn you – this column contains filth
The Observer, 31st October 2021

Touched by the hand of Ithell: my fascination with a forgotten surrealist
The Guardian, 11th October 2021

You’ll be sorry when Gove puts the moves on No 10
The Observer, 5th September 2021

Andrew Neil enters his broom-cupboard years…
The Observer, 29th August 2021

Tory values? Urination, urination, urination
The Observer, 8th August 2021