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What Boris Johnson’s advice to theatregoers did for me
The Observer, 22nd March 2020

Oi, Cummings! Leave those lefty kids alone
The Observer, 15th March 2020

Is Boris’s baby Cumming’s best coochy coochy coup yet?
The Observer, 8th March 2020

Can it be right to silence Toby Youngs?
The Observer, 1st March 2020

Downing Street – a haven for weirdos, misfits and comic-book villains
The Observer, 23rd February 2020

Coronavirus is ruining my happy memories
The Observer, 16th February 2020

Horrible Histories? We’re living through one right now
The Observer, 9th February 2020

Roll over Fleabag, Mrs Brown got the priest first
The Observer, 2nd February 2020

Laurence Fox is the hero we deserve – and I have just the role for him
The Observer, 26th January 2020

Boris Johnson turns politics into a puppet show
The Observer, 19th January 2020

Ricky Gervais and Jeremy Clarkson are no laughing matter
The Observer, 12th January 2020

I’m seeing stars… but thanks to Elon Musk, not for much longer
The Observer, 5th January 2020

Why Trump killed Santa and other stocking chillers
The Observer, 29th December 2019

Only Aamon the demon is fit to replace Jeremy Corbyn
The Observer, 22nd December 2019

At Costa Coffee, Michael Gove spilled the beans…
The Observer, 15th December 2019

Michael Gove’s love of Stormzy is not to be sniffed at
The Observer, 1st December 2019

Anyone for a portion of finger-lickin’ Tory lies?
The Observer, 24th November 2019

What Britain really needs now is a credible Liam Neeson figure
The Observer, 17th November 2019

Boris Johnson’s rogues play as dirty as the Russians
The Observer, 10th November 2019

How Donald Trump let loose the dog of war
The Observer, 3rd November 2019

Nobody gives a hoot about my Brexit misery
The Observer, 27th October 2019

At last, a patron saint for gay Brummie Remainers
The Observer, 20th October 2019

Could Jennifer Arcuri save us from our doom?
The Observer, 13th October 2019

Boris Johnson feels the ire of Prometheus
The Observer, 29th September 2019

When in doubt, erect a Boris bridge…
The Observer, 15th September 2019

Is Iain Duncan Smith the Brexit bogeyman?
The Observer, 8th September 2019

book extract: ‘My work became increasingly angry, bitter and incoherent’
The Observer, 25th August 2019

Revealed: Boris Johnson’s secret weapon for a no-deal Brexit
The Observer, 18th August 2019

Dude, I take no pleasure in having been right about Boris Johnson
The Observer, 28th July 2019

Can Alexa fix my Brexit and Trump-induced ills?
The Observer, 14th July 2019

Boris Johnson says hair-gate is ‘beyond satire’. Here goes…
The Observer, 30th June 2019

Why the joke’s on Johnson in a fantasy violence league
The Observer, 23rd June 2019

Tea with the Trumps – a red leicester nightmare
The Observer, 9th June 2019

Are milkshakes the new politics of resistance?
The Observer, 26th May 2019

What is Nigel Farage’s secret? That would be telling
The Observer, 19th May 2019