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Can Alexa fix my Brexit and Trump-induced ills?
The Observer, 14th July 2019

Boris Johnson says hair-gate is ‘beyond satire’. Here goes…
The Observer, 30th June 2019

Why the joke’s on Johnson in a fantasy violence league
The Observer, 23rd June 2019

Tea with the Trumps – a red leicester nightmare
The Observer, 9th June 2019

Are milkshakes the new politics of resistance?
The Observer, 26th May 2019

What is Nigel Farage’s secret? That would be telling
The Observer, 19th May 2019

Why Greta Thunberg is now my go-to girl
The Observer, 28th April 2019

With the end in sight… Brexit pulls into a layby
The Observer, 31st March 2019

Possessed by Brexit? Time to call an exorcist
The Observer, 10th March 2019

Why did the BBC let Andrew Neil combust?
The Observer, 3rd March 2019

It’s the thought that counts with Brexit gifts
The Observer, 6th January 2019

Prepare yourselves for a no-Christmas Brexit in 2019
The Observer, 23rd December 2018

Why Rees-Mogg is still voting with his feet
The Observer, 2nd December 2018

A no-column Brexit is the only way forward
The Observer, 18th November 2018

Is it ethical to raise a royal baby in captivity?
The Observer, 21st October 2018

Planet Earth calling Doctor Who’s new Time Lady: save us
The Observer, 14th October 2018

Don’t drag Abba into Theresa May’s dead cat dance
The Observer, 7th October 2018

Take back control – buy water, bin the Daily Telegraph
The Observer, 9th September 2018

Denmark sows seeds of discontent over Brexit
The Observer, 2nd September 2018

A floppy-haired beast of Brexit walks among us
The Observer, 19th August 2018

Bannon’s crush on Britain’s old bootboys
The Observer, 12th August 2018

Trump’s struggle not to tie himself in nots
The Observer, 22nd July 2018

How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him
The Observer, 8th July 2018

Michael Gove’s hot air will eventually choke us all
The Observer, 3rd June 2018

So that’s Trump’s game – the second coming
The Observer, 20th May 2018

The full plans for the porn president’s visit to the UK – revealed!
The Observer, 14th May 2018

The racists won. So are they happy now?
The Observer, 29th April 2018

Stay focused Brexiters – Russia is not the enemy
The Observer, 18th March 2018

American Cornish pasties? Did King Arthur die for this?
The Observer, 11th March 2018

The Brexit culture wars are driving me bananas
The Observer, 4th March 2018

The Fall – The Case For The Last Two Decades
Record Collector Issue 477 March '18, 1st March 2018

Is a sci-fi-style dystopia such a bad Brexit outcome?
The Observer, 25th February 2018

Satire only makes Jacob Rees-Mogg stronger
The Observer, 11th February 2018

How I became the king of cetacean comedy
The Observer, 4th February 2018

Stewart Lee on the ‘nerveracking thrill’ of being a fan of the Fall
The Observer, 28th January 2018