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How Prince Philip was turned into a pawn in the phoney culture wars
The Observer, 18th April 2021

Behold Boris Johnson’s world-beating oration
The Observer, 28th March 2021

My finely balanced solution to Britain’s ‘statue problem’
The Observer, 14th March 2021

There’s something fishy going on at Tory HQ…
The Observer, 21st February 2021

Oh see how the Tories now run from Donald Trump
The Observer, 17th January 2021

This deal is enough to make an eel squeal
The Observer, 3rd January 2021

English Covid: a truly world-beating virus
The Observer, 27th December 2020

Fear not! Santa has a plan to save Christmas from Covid and Brexit
The Observer, 20th December 2020

Look at the Tories – scotch egg all over their faces
The Observer, 6th December 2020

Migrants and my own modest proposal
The Observer, 1st November 2020

Since we’re talking fantasy Brexit deals…
The Observer, 25th October 2020

What’s the story with Britpop and Covid denial?
The Observer, 20th September 2020

Never mind Extinction Rebellion, let’s consider Boris Johnson’s charge sheet
The Observer, 13th September 2020

The divided land of ‘woke’ and Tory
The Observer, 6th September 2020

I’ll tell you what’s got us choking on our granola…
The Observer, 30th August 2020

Come summer 2021, who’s going to save our sorry asses?
The Observer, 9th August 2020

The Brexit government is lost in a fog of lies
The Observer, 2nd August 2020

Of course there’s a future for the British fishing industry – on stage
The Observer, 12th July 2020

My Neil Diamond tribute to Churchill
The Observer, 28th June 2020

Now Boris Johnson is talking through his Tugendhat
The Observer, 17th May 2020

Enter Baby Boris, or to give him his full name…
The Observer, 10th May 2020

We must honour those brave souls… working with Ricky Gervais
The Observer, 3rd May 2020

How a lockdown stroll taught me the true value of Danny Dyer
The Observer, 26th April 2020

What’s going on out there? You may as well ask a pigeon
The Observer, 19th April 2020

Faced with Dominic Raab, thank heavens for plague-inspired tales
The Observer, 12th April 2020

Will my son’s head lice save us all?
The Observer, 5th April 2020

Out with pub bores, back in with the experts
The Observer, 29th March 2020

What Boris Johnson’s advice to theatregoers did for me
The Observer, 22nd March 2020

Oi, Cummings! Leave those lefty kids alone
The Observer, 15th March 2020

Is Boris’s baby Cumming’s best coochy coochy coup yet?
The Observer, 8th March 2020

Can it be right to silence Toby Youngs?
The Observer, 1st March 2020

Downing Street – a haven for weirdos, misfits and comic-book villains
The Observer, 23rd February 2020

Coronavirus is ruining my happy memories
The Observer, 16th February 2020

Horrible Histories? We’re living through one right now
The Observer, 9th February 2020

Roll over Fleabag, Mrs Brown got the priest first
The Observer, 2nd February 2020