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Dirty Three
The Sunday Times, 29th September 1996

The Fall
The Sunday Times, 23rd June 1996

Sex Pistols reunion
The Sunday Times, 16th June 1996

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
The Sunday Times, 9th June 1996

Neil Diamond
The Sunday Times, 12th May 1996

Spike Milligan
The Sunday Times, 14th April 1996

Guided By Voices
The Sunday Times, 7th April 1996

The Afghan Whigs
The Sunday Times, 1st March 1996

The Sunday Times, 4th February 1996

The Sunday Times, 1st December 1995

Ice T
The Sunday Times, 26th May 1995

The End Of Innocence
Deadpan Magazine, 1st April 1995

I chose to flee the country for Holland…
Deadpan Magazine, 1st March 1995

One’s right not to be called a wanker
Deadpan Magazine, 1st February 1995

Stewart Lee learns how to talk to the animals
Deadpan Magazine, 1st January 1995

How close the shriek of laughter is to the scream of terror
Deadpan Magazine, 1st December 1994

Subversion must wear a knowing smile…
Deadpan Magazine, 1st November 1994

Never trust anyone over 30
Deadpan Magazine, 1st October 1994

Stewart Lee finds only disappointment in San Fransisco
Deadpan Magazine, 1st September 1994

Strippers, Prostitutes and Standup Comedians
Deadpan Magazine, 1st August 1994

Camping In The Rockies
Deadpan Magazine, 1st August 1994

Surely the last obituary of Kurt Cobain
Deadpan Magazine, 1st July 1994

My Name Is Eric…
Deadpan Magazine, 1st March 1994

I Am Going To Eat You
Scratch Magazine, 1st January 1990