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The Perfect Fool - July 2001 Time Out - By Omer Ali - July 1st, 2001

Sadly, TV Critic Omer Ali at Time Out, who is clearly a fan of sorts, wanted to like The Perfect Fool but found himself too compelled to compare it unfavourably to Killing Paparazzi by Robert M Eversz, and we must respect him for this. I think I can pull “excellent … especially good” out of…

Odd cast of characters works in debut novel - July 2001 Local Press Roundup - July 1st, 2001

This review uses a press release I told 4th Estate not to send out, which they agreed not to do, and an original final line, added by the writer. Presumably there is some deal whereby it gets run in loads of local papers. The final line is sub-edited differently in different papers. The Western Morning…

The Perfect Fool - July 2001 Hermaphrodite 'Zine - By Isabelle Adam - July 1st, 2001

The Perfect Fool is the comedian Stewart Lee’s first novel. In honour of my receiving an advance copy, I am here going to review it in a manner which suggests enthusiastic bias. And which is riddled with as many clichés from The Big Book Of Lazy Journalism as is possible before my head starts revolving…

The Perfect Fool - January 2001 - By Adam Corre - January 1st, 2001

Author note: Stewart Lee is a stand up comedian who has worked in both British radio and television. He is best known for the BBC series ‘Lee and Herring’, ‘Fist of Fun’ and ‘This Morning, with Richard not Judy’ which he co-wrote and performed with Richard Herring. Can good performance comedians become talented novelists? Against…

Stewart Lee’s Standup Show - August 1998 The Stage - By Phil Gibby - August 20th, 1998

Stewart Lee’s Standup Show – Pleasance - August 1998 The Scotsman - By David Belcher - August 12th, 1998

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