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Opera in the style of Oprah - August 2001 The Evening Standard - August 17th, 2001

Like his controversial brother Chris, Tom Morris pushes against tradition. Rachel Halliburton met Battersea Arts Centre’s artistic director. Mention the name Jerry Springer, and you will experience a variety of reactions, whether it is the contemptuous smile, the brick hurled TV-wards, some predictable comment about everyone wanting their Warholian slice of fame, or an animated…

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2001 Evening Standard: Hot Tickets mag (17-23 August 2001) - August 17th, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2001 What's On In London - August 15th, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2001 Calender Live - By Elaine Dutka - August 4th, 2001

Jerry Springer blir Opera - August 2001 Yahoo Sweden - August 2nd, 2001

Heroes for the nappy state - August 2001 Classic FM Magazine - August 1st, 2001

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