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Impenetrable - September 2001 A reader from Notts - September 7th, 2001

This was a rather disappointing read, pretentiously punctuated with snatches of old native American legend which seemed to carry little relevance or resonance for the jumbled up mish mash of tales in the rest of the novel. A motley assortment of characters are drawn to the same part of the USA in a not-very-interesting way,…

Astounding debut from Britain’s finest stand-up! ★★★★★ - September 2001 Iain Cooper from Peterborough - By Iain Cooper - September 6th, 2001

Well, what can I say? I bought this book a couple of months ago, for when I went on holiday. Being an immense fan of Lee, I found it incredibly hard to resist taking a look at it until then! But it was lucky that I did, because from the second I started reading I…

At the trailer-trash opera, where Kylie told Stan that she’s really a man - September 2001 Independent on Sunday - By Rowan Pelling - September 2nd, 2001

It wasn’t, on the face of it, my idea of a stellar evening out: a workshop production of a chat-show-/opera. But Tom Morris, artistic director of Battersea Arts Centre (and brother of Chris as in Brass Eye), was brimming with enthusiasm for his new show. It seemed churlish to be deterred by the fact that…

Ottaker’s Bookshop - September 2001 Aberystwyth Ottakars Bookshop Zine - September 1st, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera ★★★★ - August 2001 BBC Online - By Phil Wilmmott - August 31st, 2001

Opera Review ★★★★ - August 2001 Metro Life - By Warwick Thompson - August 28th, 2001

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