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Jerry Springer: The Opera ★★★★ - August 2001 BBC Online - By Phil Wilmmott - August 31st, 2001

Opera Review ★★★★ - August 2001 Metro Life - By Warwick Thompson - August 28th, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2001 TNT Magazine - By Angela Tsui - August 27th, 2001

I’m in love with a man in a nappy – and other great arias - August 2001 The Independent - By Anna Picard - August 27th, 2001

If you think opera is dead, go to Battersea and you’ll see just how wrong you are. Over the next two weeks, Battersea Arts Centre’s annual festival of new opera, “The Works”, will be subverting, reinventing, democratising and celebrating this 400 year-old art form through 13 different shows on such subjects as the male suicide…

Is it the Springer or the Song? - August 2001 The Guardian - By Susannah Clapp - August 26th, 2001

Actually, it’s both. This funny, raunchy, foul-mouthed and very twenty-first centure musical about trash TV has got it all A rare sound burst on to the stage last week: that of musical theatre floating on real invention and engaged with a recognisable world. I’ve heard it only three times in the past five years: in…

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2001 The Times 2 - By Robert Thicknesse - August 24th, 2001

SOME people think Jerry Springer is the host of an infamous freak-show which exploits inarticulate human misery for the entertainment of the middle classes. This, of course, is half the fun. But until you’ve been in the grungier parts of the United States it’s hard to realise that this high priest of self-expression is perhaps…

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