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The Perfect Fool - August 2001 City Life - By Mike Butler - August 22nd, 2001

Big Gobs in small places - August 2001 Metro Life - By Warwick Thompson - August 21st, 2001

Rock-A-Bye Baritone - August 2001 The Evening Standard - By Rachel Halliburton - August 21st, 2001

JER-RY! JER-RY! JER-RY! - August 2001 The Independent - By Anna Picard - August 20th, 2001

This Tuesday, Battersea Arts Centre’s annual contemporary opera fest, “The Works”, will open with the first opera to take television as its subject. No, it’s not a Network, or a Broadcast News. It’s not by Turnage either. Or Butler, or Sawer, or Adès. It’s Jerry Springer the Opera, the latest creation from Kombat Opera’s Richard…

G2 Pick Of The Week - August 2001 The Guardian - August 20th, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2001 The Pulse, South London Press - August 17th, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera sounds like a contradiction in terms. But it all makes perfect sense to composer Richard Thomas, who is principally to blame for the world premiere of that name at Battersea’s BAC next week. Camberwell-based Richard, 36, says: “Jerry Springer’s TV show is about these guests coming in screaming at each other…

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