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Parody never quite takes off - January 2002 What's On When - January 7th, 2002

Who says opera can’t comment on contemporary issues, this proving its worth in an all-too sceptical modern society? You only have to look at the amazing success of Battersea Arts Centre’s Jerry Springer The Opera since its first workshop performances in August and September 2001. For those lucky enough to catch it there could be…

And a nappy new year… - December 2001 The Guardian - By Susannah Clapp - December 31st, 2001

Jerry Springer, trash TV personified, is the perfect subject for satirical treatment You might think twice about putting a nappy fetishist centre stage in an opera. But the very funny, very foul-mouthed, superbly sung Jerry Springer: The Opera did exactly that, and turned out to be one of the most original events staged last year.…

The Perfect Fool - November 2001 The Sunday Times - By TL - November 1st, 2001

Transvestites, loud guests and Jerry Springer make for unusual opera - October 2001 The Detroit News - By Juliana Koranteng - October 10th, 2001

Opera aficionados beware. A new figure has entered the landscape of music’s most refined genre, and he brings with him the stories of trailer park tragedy and welfare woe. Yes, none other than Jerry Springer — the former Cincinnati mayor who hosts a self-titled talk show on which buxom women exchange violent blows over men…

The Perfect Fool ★★★★ - October 2001 SFX - By Simon Withers - October 1st, 2001

Jerry Springer: The Opera - September 2001 Hot Courses - September 7th, 2001

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