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The Perfect Fool - October 2018 October 30th, 2018

My first novel, released in June 2001 by Fourth Estate. From the back of the book: “The Perfect Fool” charts the progress of a collection of misfits, spread across the wide open spaces of Arizona & the narrow streets of South London, all unwittingly caught up in a quest for the Holy Grail. Mr Lewis…

The Perfect Fool - November 2002 The Guardian - By JH - November 23rd, 2002

The Perfect Fool - November 2002 The Times - By CP - November 16th, 2002

The Perfect Fool - November 2001 The Sunday Times - By TL - November 1st, 2001

The Perfect Fool ★★★★ - October 2001 SFX - By Simon Withers - October 1st, 2001

Impenetrable - September 2001 A reader from Notts - September 7th, 2001

This was a rather disappointing read, pretentiously punctuated with snatches of old native American legend which seemed to carry little relevance or resonance for the jumbled up mish mash of tales in the rest of the novel. A motley assortment of characters are drawn to the same part of the USA in a not-very-interesting way,…

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