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Astounding debut from Britain’s finest stand-up! ★★★★★ - September 2001 Iain Cooper from Peterborough - By Iain Cooper - September 6th, 2001

Well, what can I say? I bought this book a couple of months ago, for when I went on holiday. Being an immense fan of Lee, I found it incredibly hard to resist taking a look at it until then! But it was lucky that I did, because from the second I started reading I…

Ottaker’s Bookshop - September 2001 Aberystwyth Ottakars Bookshop Zine - September 1st, 2001

The Perfect Fool - August 2001 City Life - By Mike Butler - August 22nd, 2001

Worpt Recommends - August 2001 Worpt Wire Sevice (Odessa, Texas) Aug 2001 - By AB - August 1st, 2001

The Perfect Fool - July 2001 Chortle - By Steve Bennett - July 30th, 2001

For a while, it seemed that every comedian who ever appeared on TV would make a leap onto the publishing bandwagon, using whatever fame they had as a springboard for a hoped-for literary career. Of course, most quickly floundered. While not all the novels were as bad as their subsequent reputation suggested, it has led…

It’s A Funny Old Game - July 2001 The Big Issue (scotland) - By Leon McDermott - July 19th, 2001

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