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Stewart Lee’s Standup Show - August 1998 Three Weeks - By MP - August 7th, 1998

Stewart Lee’s Standup Show – Pleasance Cabaret Bar Review - August 1998 The Independent - By James Rampton - August 6th, 1998

Has the Perrier lost its sparkle? - August 1998 The Stage - By Phil Gibby - August 6th, 1998

“None of the comics give a toss about the Perrier anyway,” Boothby Graffoe, one of the favourites for this year’s prize, claimed last week. Stewart Lee, one of Graffoe’s Avalon stablemates, said earlier in the year that he would be happy to organise a boycott of the award, which has hastened the fame of a…

Stewart Lee’s Standup Show - August 1998 The Independent On Sunday - August 2nd, 1998

Spoofing the world to rights - February 1998 The Stage - By Ben Dowell - February 12th, 1998

Lee and Herring are about to take over Sunday Iunchtimes on BBC2 Ben Dowell probes the comic duo on the content of their new show Comedy duo Lee and Herring are of that rare breed of Edinburgh performer who have managed to wow the boards up North by making it on telly, setting a generous…

Shun Perrier, comic urges - February 1998 The Stage - By Ben Dowell - February 5th, 1998

Television comic and Edinburgh veteran Stewart Lee has told The Stage that he is prepared to organise a boycott of Perrier Awards became they are “against the spirit of the Edinburgh Festival”. Lee said that the awards at Edinburgh can never succeed in picking the best act in Edinburgh because of the variety of the…

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