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Cluub Zarathustra Edinburgh ’95 - August 1995 The Stage - By Russell Nash - August 17th, 1995

Comedy as art? It may seem like a strange idea but the guys at Avalon have been working on this concept for a while now and the end product is one of the most bizarre comedy shows in town. The brainchild of Simon Munnery, Cluub Zarathustra takes its inspiration from a vast number of sources.…

RADIO REVIEW – THE LIGHT PROGRAMME - February 1995 The Stage - By Lisa Martland - February 2nd, 1995

To search for contemporary queens of comedy you need look no further than performers like Victoria Wood, French and Saunders and, of course, the ‘slimline’ Jo Brand. But they follow in the footsteps of some quite special comic ladies, a number of them still raising a laugh today. The Comediennes (R2, from Thursday, January 19)…

The List’s “Hitlist” - August 1994 The List - By Eddie Gibb - August 26th, 1994

Theoretically Rigorous - August 1994 The List - By Eddie Gibb - August 26th, 1994

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