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“The most controversial thing you can do is be sincere in a world of irony.” - October 2015 Exeunt Magazine - By Andrew Haydon - October 19th, 2015

Andrew Haydon: What do you normally get asked in interviews? Stewart Lee: Well, it depends. Local newspapers haven’t ever seen you and they ask you where you get your ideas from, what you think of political correctness, are there any topics that are unacceptable, you know [does a voice] “Are there things that you can’t joke about,…

Spotlight: Stewart Lee - August 2015 The Skinny - August 4th, 2015

Do you still enjoy coming to Edinburgh? Do you feel obliged to come every year? “I do. You need to be at the heart of the comedy community, you need to see the new things that are coming through. I also think it’s good to get a clear run at something, working something out for…

The London Ear - April 2015 April 30th, 2015

From Ted Chippington to TS Eliot and Chic Murray to Lenny Bruce, The Observer’s most eagerly awaited stand-in columnist lays bare the foundations of his best-selling comedy primer ‘How I Escaped My Certain Fate’.

…on Liverpool, a cultural monopoly & pining for festivals - April 2015 GetIntoThis - By Vicky Pea - April 15th, 2015

The last time Stewart Lee performed in Liverpool was for John Cage’s Indeterminacy. This time out he is back in a more familiar guise with two nights of incendiary new stand up at the Liverpool Philharmonic, testing the waters ahead of a new season of his self-titled (and award winning) Comedy Vehicle. As one of the country’s longest-serving comedians, Lee’s…

An Irishman Abroad - March 2015 March 8th, 2015

Speaking to Jarlath Regan on his Irishman Abroad podcast, March 2015.

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