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“Ghastly, puritanical, po-faced, sanctimonious, finger-wagging, Woke-Witchfinder-in-Chief” Toby Young, Twitter “Sphincter-poppingly angry, totally unamusing and uninsightful, and painfully, excruciatingly right-on. A bitter, politically correct member of the Remain-voting liberal elite. The type of comedy which is not designed to provoke laughter so much as solemn head-nodding and applause at the politically correct sentiment.” James Delingpole, Steve…

A Merry Winterval To All My Fans! NEW LONDON CONTENT PROVIDER DATES Because all the London Leicester Sq Content Provider dates sold out here is another three month block of the SAME SHOW at the SAME VENUE, Leicester Sq Theatre, with the SAME JOKES at the SAME TIME, 7pm, from November this year until Jan…

John Cage: Indeterminacy (Audio) - January 2017 January 21st, 2017

John Cage’s Indeterminacy performed by Steve Beresford, Tania Chen and Stewart Lee. Two different passes on Cage’s chance composition, recorded in 2011. You can read about this release in greater detail at the Knitted Records website, here.

John Cage’s Indeterminacy at Cafe Oto - April 2016 London Jazz News - By AJ Dehany - April 27th, 2016

John Cage’s Indeterminacy (1959) is published as ninety story cards to be read out loud in a random order. By turns thoughtful and banal, funny and sad, the cards form an unconnected batch of anecdotes and digressions, parables and paradoxes, with a lot about Buddhism and mushroom husbandry. Cage is famed for generating music using…

Steve Wright Interview – 3rd March 2016 - March 2016 BBC Radio 2 - By Steve Wright - March 3rd, 2016

Speaking to Steve Wright on his BBC Radio 2 show to promote series 4 of Comedy Vehicle. PLAY / STOP | DOWNLOAD

Stewart Lee – WARNING! DOES NOT CONTAIN COMEDY. - April 2014 GrayComedy Blog - April 26th, 2014

I went to see the Usurp Chance Tour featuring Stewart Lee at the Komedia in Brighton a couple of weeks ago. Now before pretentious musos start shouting at their computer screens, yes I knew it wasn’t going to be a comedy show. I mean, lots of people there didn’t realise this and expected some Comedy…

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