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Aria of the Lesbian Dwarf Diaper Fetishist - March 2002 New York Times - By Marshall Sella - March 17th, 2002

The current sensation at the Battersea Arts Center in London delves into the themes of any number of beloved operas: infidelity and misdirected love, rage and untimely death. An aging diva, cheated by life, sings a heart-rending aria expressing her profound weariness with failure: ”I’ve had enough of dying/I just want to dance.” But the…

John Peel’s Show - October 1996 October 16th, 1996

On John Peel’s Show – 16th October 1996. Richard Herring and Stewart Lee appear on the John Peel show, a teenage dream.

Smash Hits Interview - January 1994 Smash Hits Magazine - January 1st, 1994

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