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SAVE BBC RADIO FROM ITSELF - March 2019 March 18th, 2019

Dear Mail List Just at a time when the wealth of music available to everyone finds young people making connections between previously disparate approaches for themselves, and beating down ancient barriers of culture and history, BBC radio is travelling in the opposite direction, by scrapping the very shows that embody that ideal. Luke Turner of…

Open Book - October 2016 October 9th, 2016

Tommy Wieringa, Flemish and Dutch literature, Fashion in fiction, Stewart Lee on Ithell Colquhoun Dutch novelist Tommy Wieringa talks to Mariella Frostrup about his new novel A Beautiful Young Wife, the story of a couple struggling to overcome an age gap. And, as Flanders and the Netherlands take the guest of honour title at this…

Max Reinhardt – Late Junction - April 2016 April 21st, 2016

Max Reinhardt is joined by comedian, columnist and musophile Stewart Lee with the debut edition of the Late Junction Mixtape. A tribute to the age-old tradition of making a mixtape for a friend, guests are invited to explore the full diversity of their record collections, to dig out those obscure gems and much-loved rarities which…

We loved, we hated and, fucking hell, we moaned - April 2016 Drowned In Sound - By Marc Burrows - April 18th, 2016

‘But, right, the thing about Riot Grrl is that, like, they didn’t know what it was at the time. It was proto-Riot Grrrl. It’s, like, punk for women, like, proto-punk.’ There’s a guy behind me in the queue for the chip shop. He must be about 20, long hair, kind-of posh sounding. He beat-boxes under…

Steve Wright Interview - November 2014 November 19th, 2014

Speaking with Steve Wright at the launch of the Comedy Vehicle Series 3 DVD.

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