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It ain’t over until the fat lady screams - July 2002 The Sunday Times - July 28th, 2002

An opera about the controversial American chat show host Jerry Springer has become the hot ticket at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Allan Brown explains why. The Fringe is used to comedy shows selling themselves by using celebrity names opportunistically shoe-horned into the title. Stand-up comedy is clever enough to know a familiar name always stands…

How We Met: Stewart Lee & Keith Burstein - April 2002 Independent On Sunday - By Jenny Gilbert - April 28th, 2002

Aria of the Lesbian Dwarf Diaper Fetishist - March 2002 New York Times - By Marshall Sella - March 17th, 2002

The current sensation at the Battersea Arts Center in London delves into the themes of any number of beloved operas: infidelity and misdirected love, rage and untimely death. An aging diva, cheated by life, sings a heart-rending aria expressing her profound weariness with failure: ”I’ve had enough of dying/I just want to dance.” But the…

John Peel’s Show - October 1996 October 16th, 1996

On John Peel’s Show – 16th October 1996. Richard Herring and Stewart Lee appear on the John Peel show, a teenage dream.

1994 Interview with The List - August 1994 The List - By Ian Watson - August 12th, 1994

Smash Hits Interview - January 1994 Smash Hits Magazine - January 1st, 1994

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