Contributions - Ben Moor: More Trees To Climb

Ben Moor’s stories mix the magical with the everyday in a world just to the left of ours.
In Coelacanth, the sport of competitive tree climbing is the background to a romantic comedy with dangerous edges.
Along the way we meet imaginary flatmates, underground Compliment Clubs and deeply oblivious fish. Not Everything is Significant is the story of a biographer with writer’s block who is sent a diary for the following year. But it’s already been filled in – by him.
Should he follow his destiny or fight it? Finally, A Supercollider for the Family is a sci-fi conspiracy thriller weepie about particle physics, tightrope walking and the truly important things in life.

Originally written for stage performance, all three pieces are laced with wit and bursting with imagination.
Very human, very funny and a little strange, these are stories that take you away from the mundane and open your eyes to the beautiful and the bizarre.

Stew wrote the intro for this brilliant book of Ben Moor monologues.