Contributions - 101 Things Birmingham Gave the World

This is the book that proves that Birmingham is not just the crucible of the Industrial Revolution, but the cradle of civilisation.
It’s the definitive guide to the 101 things that made the world what it is today – and all of them were made in Birmingham.

Read how Birmingham gave the world the wonders of tennis, nuclear war, the Beatles, ‘that smell of eggs’ and many more… 97 more.
It also includes a foreword by Stewart Lee called ‘A Birmingham of the memory,’ all about his relationship with the city.

101 Things Birmingham Gave The World, is not a Birmingham of the memory. It is a living breathing thing, wrestling with the city’s contradictions, press-ganging the typically arch and understated humour of the Brummie, and an army of little-known facts, both trivial and monumental, into reshaping its confusing reputation.
Stewart Lee

Written by: Jon Bounds, Jez Collins, Liz Cooke, Julia Gilbert, Simon Fox, Stuart Harrison, Craig Hamilton, Libby Hayward Bounds, Jon Hickman, Jon Neale, Steve Nicholls, Nick Stevens, Danny Smith, and Howard Wilkinson.
Cover design by Mark Murphy.
Edited by Jon Bounds and Jon Hickman, from an original idea by Craig Hamilton. Additional editorial support from Libby Hayward Bounds, Julia Gilbert, and Nick Moreton.