Contributions - Various Artists – ISOLATION (2020 EM IN AID OF CARE SVCS/CARD COVER)

Released to support the care services during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, this exclusive Limited Edition CD features new music from a range of international Electronic Music musicians working together in Isolation!
Collated, performed on, engineered and produced by U.K. based EM journalist/musician Mark Jenkins, author of the recently published (and extremely well-received) book: ‘Tangerine Dream: 50 Years’, ‘Isolation’ brings together the talents of musicians from around the world to produce this Limited Edition CD recorded by everyone concerned in “isolation” and giving the Electronic Music scene its opportunity to pay tribute to the NHS in 2020, the year when all our lives were changed is so may ways!

While the global health crisis prevents bands from performing or even from recording together, some of the finest electronic music creators from around the world have collaborated as solo artists to create ‘Isolation’, this unique CD album of new music.
Each artist has added layers to tracks by Internet upload, until each piece was complete and ready for mixing in London.
In this way without meeting one another in person, electronic music artists show that they can still collaborate and remain creative even during these difficult times.

The music covers a whole range of EM styles and features sublimely atmospheric and ethereal pieces, throbbing passages of “Berlin School” style sequencing, dreamy, melodic synth leads, soaring guitar improvisations and ethereal and abstract sound painting – all with some assistance from acoustic instrumentation, plus some vocal work and voice-overs … a bit of everything really, and it all gels together extremely well!

Here is the list of ‘Isolation’ collaborators…

Bernard Szajner (from ZED, France – synthesizers & samples)
Kurt Ader (from S-A-W – Schmoelling – Ader – Waters, Germany – synthesizers)
Dominique Perrier (from SPACE ART, Holland – synthesizers)
Gerald Gradwohl (from TANGERINE DREAM, Austria – guitar)
Santi Pico (from NEURONIUM, Spain – guitar)
Julia Messenger (from Klaus Schulze’s Wahnfried, Australia – voice)
Ernesto Romeo (from KLAUSS, Argentina – synthesizers)
Robert Berry (from the band “3” with Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer, USA – bass)
Bill Fox (from SOUNDSCAPES RADIO, USA – guitar / synthesizers)
Hannah Chappell (from CELLISTICA, UK – cello)
Dave Gate (from LAND OF YRX, UK) – modular synthesizers)
Don Slepian (from SYNARIOS, USA – synthesizers)
Remy Stroomer (from DESERTED ISLAND MUSIC, Holland – synthesizers
Phrozenlight (Holland – synthesizers)

Special guests:
Stewart Lee with Luke Lee and Daisy Lee (UK – as THE STOKE NEWINGTON ISOLATION UNIT – guitar / ocarina / dulcimer / water glasses / drums / effects)

Collated and Produced (all tracks) in the UK by: Mark Jenkins (synthesizers / samples / piano / flute / fx)

Kurt Ader uses KaPro samples and the Korg Kronos
Mark Jenkins thanks Arturia and Behringer

My thanks to all these wonderful and talented musicians who have taken part in the ‘Isolation’ project – Mark Jenkins – London 2020

PLEASE GIVE THIS PROJECT YOUR SUPPORT – The large portion of the profits from ‘Isolation’ will be distributed in the most appropriate form amongst sections of the care services involved with the Coronavirus health crisis.
We at CD Services will select for our area of the country, while Mark Jenkins and his contributors will donate to the emergency appeal for help in the Coronavirus crisis by Age UK, and to related organisations in their own countries.

‘Isolation’ is released on 1st June 2020.

V/A: ISOLATION Track List:

01. JENKINS – GRADWOHL – PHROZENLIGHT: Euthymios The Hesichast (5:09)
02. PERRIER – JENKINS: The Logic Of Sacrifice (4:13)
03. JENKINS – BERRY: Citizens of Mechanicsburg (4.38)
04. FOX – SLEPIAN – JENKINS: Rain, Purity, Pestilence (5.36)
05. JENKINS – CHAPPELL – FOX – GATE: I Can Change The Past, And The Future (4.41)
06. JENKINS – PICO: The Scalding Light (4.41)
07. ROMEO – STROOMER – GATE: I’m Taking Back Those Eyes You Stole From Me (4.55)
08. SZAJNER – JENKINS: Isolated With Ghosts (5.44)
09. ADER – JENKINS: The Son Becomes The Father (3.40)
10. PHROZENLIGHT – JENKINS: Drifting Memories (4.03)
The DaVinci Suite [featuring the LONDON SYNTHESIZER ORCHESTRA on 13a]
11. JENKINS – MESSENGER: The Lightning In Her Eyes (5.12)
12. SLEPIAN – JENKINS: Happiness Is A Crimson Field (3:56)
13. STROOMER – JENKINS: a. People Of Accomplishment / b. See You On The Other Side (9.28)
14. LEE – LEE – LEE: Some Cruel Bedlam (5.32)