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Content Provider was released on 4th August 2016, through Faber. “Over the last five years, often when David Mitchell has been on holiday, the comedian Stewart Lee has been attempting to understand modern Britain, and his own place in it, in a series of irregular newspaper columns.

Will Scotland become the Promised Land of the Left?
Is it possible to live a life without crisps? Who was Grant Shapps?
What does your Spotify playlist data say about you?
Are Jeremy Corbyn and Stewart Lee really the new Christs?
And so on.

Selected, introduced and, where necessary, explained by the author and corrected by readers, Content Provider is funny, grumpy, provocative, confusing and brilliant.

NOTE: CONTENT PROVIDER (the book) IS NOT RELATED TO CONTENT PROVIDER (the show). It is NOT a transcript of the show, in the same way as the MILDER COMEDIAN book is a transcript of that show, or CERTAIN FATE is a transcript of the three preceding ones.
For a transcript of CONTENT PROVIDER, please see MARCH OF THE LEMMINGS.

Content Provider Video Clip