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Johnny Vegas – Who’s Ready For Ice Cream? - January 2017 January 21st, 2017

Johnny Vegas’ first DVD in which he is kidnapped, surrounded by a mad lifestyle manager, a megalomaniac sponsor and his obsessive comic flatmate who should’ve been sectioned years ago… He also performs a live stand up set at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Directed by S. Lee.

Interiors - June 2015 The Observer - June 14th, 2015

Across the city, under the auspices of newly formed estate agents Pennington Lee, Michael Pennington (aka stand-up Johnny Vegas) and Stewart Lee have devised an hour-long perambulation through a semi near Old Trafford with the title Interiors. It’s a skit on the obsession with design and property which swerves into something more disconcerting: Pennington, as…

Interiors - July 2007 The Daily Telegraph - By Dominic Cavendish - July 7th, 2007

A different kind of haunting takes place in Interiors, a site-specific show that proves the comedian Johnny Vegas is more than a funnyman – he’s a well-rounded actor, too. Vegas plays Jeff Parkin, a freelance corporate consultant who is hoping for a quick sale on his suburban semi near Old Trafford. As he conducts a…

Interiors ★★★★★ - July 2007 The Times - By Dominic Maxwell - July 6th, 2007

We are no longer a nation of shopkeers, we’re a nation of property developers. If we’re not stripping back fireplaces and slapping on the terracotta tiling, we’re hunted down by images of others adding value to their lives by doing the same. Thanks to Sarah Beeny and co, the boundary between home-making and money-making has…

Interiors ★★★ - July 2007 The Metro - By Lucie Davies - July 6th, 2007

Either Stewart Lee was attempting a biting social satire of property developer culture or something more sinister in Interiors. Unfortunately he doesn’t manage either. The main misjudgment in this blackly comic theatre-cum-performance art attempt is casting Johnny Vegas in the role of Jeffrey Parkin, the trouble shooter-turned-Montenegro property developer, whose beloved semi-detached home we are…

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