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Miscellaneous Press

Various press bits & pieces that don't fit elsewhere. Reviews of old shows, radio appearances, etc...

Tusk Festival, 9th September 20

capri-batterie & Stewart Lee: Bristol Fashion
Electric Sound Magazine, 1st February 19

capri-batterie & Stewart Lee: Bristol Fashion – Album Review
Louder Than War, 6th February 18

Radio Review: Late Junction – 22 April 2016
The Lady, 22nd April 16

Stand And Deliver
Action On Hearing Loss, 1st April 16

Collected Press for ‘A Sound British Adventure’ – August 2012
, 1st August 12

Stewart Lee: The Jazz Cellar Tape
Chortle, 5th September 11

Maggoty Lamb ponders Stewart Lee and Danny Baker’s contrasting approaches to the hive mind
The Guardian, 25th July 11

Silver Stewbilee Review
Edinburgh Guide, 19th August 10

Stewart Lee: Silver Stewbilee
Chortle, 19th August 10

Bob Dylan
Time Out, 16th June 04

Philanthropy & Payback at the BAC
Evening Standard, 7th June 04

How We Met: Stewart Lee & Keith Burstein
Independent On Sunday, 28th April 02

Badly Mapped World – Clever Anecdotery Gets Lost ★★
The List, 17th August 00

PREVIEW: Badly Mapped World
The List, 3rd August 00

It’s best not to join this Cluub!
The Stage, 28th August 97

Stewart Lee – King Dong vs MobyDick
Brian Donaldson, 22nd August 97

Faint-hearted stay home
The Stage, 14th August 97

Comedy Preview – King Dong v Moby Dick
The List, 8th August 97

Oblomov Edinburgh Review – The Pleasance 1996
The Stage, 22nd August 96

Cluub Zarathustra Edinburgh ’95
The Stage, 17th August 95

The List’s “Hitlist”
The List, 26th August 94

Theoretically Rigorous
The List, 26th August 94

1994 Interview with The List
The List, 12th August 94

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King Rocker

Between 2018 & 2020, Stew & Director Michael Cumming made a documentary on resilient Birmingham post-punk band The Nightingales. The resulting film, King Rocker, is due for release in October 2020. Press for it follows...

Comedian goes ape over the king of punk rockers
Birmingham Mail, 9th October 20

DOC/FEST 2020 – KING ROCKER review ★★★★
Slacker Cinema, 29th July 20

King Rocker
Mojo, 21st July 20

Review: King Rocker (2020)
Ubiquarian, 30th June 20

Review: King Rocker, 22nd June 20

King Rocker – Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020 Review ★★★★
One Room With A View, 17th June 20

4 Years Ahead Of His Time: Stewart Lee & Michael Cumming On The Nightingales
The Quiet Us, 22nd June 19

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Nightingales Tour 2018

In late 2018 I supported The Nightingales on tour, performing my old open spot set. It picked up a little bit of press, as listed here.

The Nightingales, Portland Arms, Cambridge, 4 October 2018
Cambridge Music News, 7th October 18

The Nightingales at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea, 24th September 18

The Nightingales, Stewart Lee, Grief Daddy – Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea – live review
Louder Than War, 23rd September 18

Stewart Lee delights Jericho Tavern crowd with intimate Oxford pub gig
Oxford Times, 21st September 18

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