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Dear Interested Parties

There are at least 13 t-shirt designs out there based on lines from my stand-up that are nothing to do with me, and a scarf as well, so my hand has been forced into the land of quality endorsed garments.

Here is an icily obtuse t-shirt which announces your fandom only to other adepts, and confuses the weak.
It’s available here from Wax Face, who also do t-shirts for Warren Ellis and the Osees, and make models of Iggy Pop’s body and Daniel Clowes’ comic book characters.
Buy it for the prematurely aged pseudo-intellectual in your life today!

As TV’s James Acaster recently said, “Stewart Lee fans are like Radiohead fans. They have one big thing they like, and because it’s such a connoisseury thing to enjoy they’re like, “I don’t need anything else outside that. And I’m going to tell everyone that if they don’t get it they’re thick.” And they’re the worst kind of fans.

Come to think of it, that might be the next t-shirt!

Unisex, extra small (xs) to XXXL, and ethically produced as well

S Lee

The shirts are priced £20.00 plus Post and packaging and are currently on pre order.
They will begin shipping late September/ Early October 2021.

Size Chest (to fit):

XS – 31-34″

S – 34-37″

M – 38-41″

L – 42-45″

XL – 46-49″

XXL – 50-53″

XXXL – 54″-57″

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