Contributions - Glowering Figs

Stew writes the sleeve notes to Glowering Figs’ debut release.

Improv trio made up of Dave Fowler (drums), Ivor Kallin (upright electric bass/vocal), and Jerry Wigens (guitar).

The trio was formed in 2015 drummer Dave Fowler and bassist Ivor Kallin already provided the powerhouse rhythm section of free jazz group Ya Basta! and had developed a close understanding over nearly three decades, while Kallin and Wigens knew each other from the London Improvisers Orchestra and a shared interest in the fortunes of Leyton Orient FC. It was here that the idea of the trio emerged during one half-time interval. A purely instrumental unit at the outset, the Figs would soon integrate Kallin’s unique vocal talents as part of their live set.

The name ‘Glowering Figs’ derives from a loose amalgam of the letters in ‘Fowler’ and ‘Wigens’, an angrier option than the initial ‘hippier’ alternative, ‘Flowering Wigs’. The music in this recording is a selection of material from more than two hours of improvised live playing that took place on a one-day session in Autumn 2016.