Contributions - Evans The Death – Catch Your Cold

The b-side of this indie-pop single, Crying Song, features Stew crying.

Following-up their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, Evans the Death return with their third single in the form of “Catch Your Cold,” one of the highlights of their excellent LP. One of the first songs written by the band, guitarist Dan Moss says of “Catch Your Cold”: “The sentiment behind it is pretty simple. I like the ending, we mucked about with different tape speeds and delays to try and take the listener on a psychedelic journey.” Insanely catchy and bursting with youthful energy, “Catch Your Cold” is the kind of tune that makes you realize that there is still plenty of joy to be found in good old guitar pop. Look out too for B-side “Crying Song” for which the band persuaded comedian Stewart Lee to sob uncontrollably over their rambunctious musical backing.