Contributions - Sonic Arts Network – The Topography Of Chance

Sonic Arts Network is proud to present the eighth instalment of its critically acclaimed CD series, The Topography of Chance, curated by Stewart Lee; stand-up comedian, writer and director.

The Topography of Chance is a journey through chance elements that traverses countries and cultures that range from the Golan Heights to Arizona and from Hackney to Rome.
After a surreal encounter with a Fluxus Group floating a large portrait painting down a river in Cardiff, eating Borscht out of an oil drum and learning more about late Fluxus artist Emmett Williams (the face in the picture), Stewart bought Williams’ book An Anecdoted Topography of Chance.

The book documents in detail, objects left at random on the desk of the artist Daniel Spoerri and it is this premise of chance that acts as inspiration for this CD.
The Topography of Chance brings together an eclectic mix of artists, comedians and writers producing work ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre.

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