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“Ghastly, puritanical, po-faced, sanctimonious, finger-wagging, Woke-Witchfinder-in-Chief” Toby Young, Twitter “Sphincter-poppingly angry, totally unamusing and uninsightful, and painfully, excruciatingly right-on. A bitter, politically correct member of the Remain-voting liberal elite. The type of comedy which is not designed to provoke laughter so much as solemn head-nodding and applause at the politically correct sentiment.” James Delingpole, Steve…

Virus / Tornado Work in Progresseseses - September 2020 September 11th, 2020

Dear FANS I am doing some small shows to work out a rewrite of the SNOWFLAKE half of SNOWFLAKE/TORNADO which hits the road again to complete its interrupted tour next Spring. The shows will be one hour and will be messy new material. They will take place under social distance rules and regs and the…

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