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Paul Chowdhry’s Pudcast - July 2021 July 1st, 2021

PudCast family, we’re rolling out the red carpet for comedy royalty in the shape of Stewart Lee. He’s been bringing his humour the stage, TV, radio and more since the 90s and has known Paul just as long. With a style that is observational, topical, and sometimes biting he rarely holds back but in this…

Spit Or Swallow - May 2021 May 28th, 2021

A very mellow time was had by all in the SOS bar, as legendary comic Stewart Lee brings with him a laidback charm, aided and abetted by his choice of whisky and tales of drunken nights past, so pour yourself a dram and come sit by the fire to bathe in the warm glow of…

Stewart Lee joins us again to listen through your takes of Willie O’ Winsbury. This story sees a king return from prison to find his daughter pregnant and after throwing a bit of a wobble, unexpectedly takes something of a shine to her dashing suitor. If you haven’t already, we recommend you go and listen…

Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner - April 2021 April 27th, 2021

On his role in the conception of the Alan Partridge universe, and an exclusive look into the teenage mind of Michael Gove, comedian and writer Stewart Lee joins Jay for this week’s episode of Out To Lunch. Stewart and Jay enjoy a Sri Lankan feast from London’s Kolamba at Home:

This episode we’re joined by the comedian Stewart Lee who is asking you to reimagine Willie of Winsbury, an odd tale of illicit love, a pansexual ghost, and denunciation of property rights. Stewart unpicks some of the rich symbolism at the heart of this beguiling popular folk song and we explore how one man’s accident…

SOHO RADIO 1981-1991 LIVE MUSIC MEMORIES SHOW - March 2021 March 11th, 2021

Some of the music I saw live in my 1st ten years of gig going

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