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Taranoia with Tara Flynn - June 2019 June 10th, 2019

In show 42 (recorded a couple of weeks ago), Tara is in London talking to Stewart Lee about comedy and whether PC really has GONE MAD. Stewart has lots of thoughts on Brexit. They talk about the role of satire, and whether comedians have a responsibility when you can, in reality,  ‘say anything (anymore)’. There’s…

5×15 event, Interviewing Jarett Kobek - May 2019 May 23rd, 2019

As the news becomes ever more outlandish, how do we make sense of our current historical predicament and where are we heading? Cult American novelist Jarett Kobek has written a hilarious and provocative satire for our times: Only Americans Burn in Hell. Here at 5×15 he takes part in an unmissable conversation with acclaimed stand…

Made Of Human w/Sofie Hagen - March 2019 March 13th, 2019

Sofie talks to Stewart Lee about 30 years of stand-up comedy, being a parent, reckless behavior, the character of Stewart Lee, having a different childhood to the one people imagine, clown theory, obscure 70’s musicians, not being recognised and being described as the greatest living comedian.

The Breakdown with Jamali Maddix - October 2018 October 10th, 2018

Spotify Digs Ep 2 – Spaghetti Westerns - May 2018 May 12th, 2018

In Episode 2 Jonny is joined by brilliant stand-up and writer Stewart Lee who has a deeply-held love for Spaghetti Western movie soundtracks. Listen in as Stewart digs thru thrilling masterpices from films like Django, For A Few Dollars More, Matalo! and more…

The Stage Left Podcast - February 2018 February 9th, 2018

The enigmatic, multi-talented, and all round good guy Stewart Lee is this episode’s very special guest. As he is currently touring his show Content Provider throughout the UK, it is a great privilege to welcome him to the show. Hands down the most critically acclaimed British comedian of his generation, Stewart Lee is also a…

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