Old Tunes Fresh Takes – Willie O’ Winsbury pt 2 - 17th May 2021

Stewart Lee joins us again to listen through your takes of Willie O’ Winsbury. This story sees a king return from prison to find his daughter pregnant and after throwing a bit of a wobble, unexpectedly takes something of a shine to her dashing suitor. If you haven’t already, we recommend you go and listen to part one where Stewart introduces the tune to us.

Listen to Part 1 Here

/// YOUR TAKES ///
There was a phenomenal response to Stewart’s challenge, with over 20 brilliant and unique versions to share. A huge thanks to everyone who submitted a take – this month we’ve got Eyeless Chalonstone & The Goodnight Mistress; Kev Pritchard; Craven; Liz Hassack; Last Human; Vanishing Faces; Gold Thing & Toria Wooff; Matt Milton; Rory Wells, Kirsty Harrison, Ashbury Smith; JJarv; asymptotes; Monkeytown Milk Spillers; Julian Hayman; RainboWeatheR 2.0; Mark Pollock; James Parrish; Cerys Hafana; Sam Gardham; Catapholc; Harry Orme; and Linus Orri

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