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1) CONTENT PROVIDER BBC CONTENT PROVIDER is on BBC I-player until end of March. And all the COMEDY VEHICLES seem to have gone back up too. See how the world has changed in a decade. 2) King Rocker   How does a working class autodidact, with no visible means of support, maintain his role…

Snowflake / Tornado - January 2019 January 4th, 2019

New show touring, but disrupted by pandemic. All info here.

Art Prints - January 2019 January 1st, 2019

A limited number of Luke Drozd’s Comedy Vehicle prints are still available. Click here to buy direct from him.

1) CONTENT PROVIDER BBC 2 29th DEC CONTENT PROVIDER is on BBC again on Saturday 29th Dec at 11.55pm, and then on the i-player for 3 months afterwards. 2) Late Junction/s ON RADIO 3 Stewart Lee is to host a series of eclectic musical programmes on Radio 3 this Christmas. The comedian takes over as…

King Rocker Stewart Lee and Michael Cumming (Brass Eye / Toast), are attempting to find funding to finish a documentary they have been making on the resilient Birmingham post-punk band The Nightingales. Find out about it here, see a taster, and maybe get involved. WEBSITE: Socials (nothing posted yet) FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Further…

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