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How a lockdown stroll taught me the true value of Danny Dyer - April 2020 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - April 26th, 2020

During my mandated morning meanderings my mind returns to one of my favourite books, Arthur Machen’s 1924 non-novel, The London Adventure. Alternatively titled The Art of Wandering, the absurd work is 96 years old but has never felt more contemporary. The haughty writer-narrator, newly bound by the responsibility of fatherhood, must now write for money…

What’s going on out there? You may as well ask a pigeon - April 2020 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - April 19th, 2020

Here inside, I am losing it. I watched Carry on Screaming and enjoyed it unreservedly. My right arm seems to have stopped working, making it difficult to do Nazi salutes at the television whenever a government minister comes on. And I found myself asking a pigeon, sitting on the fence outside the kitchen window, how…

Faced with Dominic Raab, thank heavens for plague-inspired tales - April 2020 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - April 12th, 2020

To combat corona, the government are reassembling the Isaac Levido-led team that won the election. The virus is sure to be defeated by cynically re-edited footage of Keir Starmer appearing confused or by faking Facebook posts and temporarily renaming the Conservative party website You cannot beat Covid-19 with lies. That plague ship has sailed.…

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