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The Tories are trashing more than just the nation - October 2022 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - October 30th, 2022

I opened my new standup show, Basic Lee, 14 days after Liz Truss took office. Do you remember her? The cheese one? I joked to the Guardian-reading tofu-eating wokerati in attendance at the Leicester Square theatre that there was little point in pursuing my usual practice of tying a personal story into the contemporary political…

Liz Truss and her team are taking us for a ride - September 2022 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - September 25th, 2022

My newly opened standup show, Basic Lee, has to hold together until its final dates in the spring of 2024, so is it worth me even writing any material about the Liz Truss government? Having moved beyond the safe space of Conservative party leadership hustings, it seems Truss will dissolve on contact with air, combusting…

The BBC axing my show was in very poor taste - September 2022 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - September 18th, 2022

Despite wearing a supportive EU blue-and-gold hat to the first post-referendum parliament, the Queen’s genius was that she remained a mystery, a blank canvas the whole nation could project its hopes and dreams on to. Personally, I loved the Queen. She hung on long enough to accept, definitively, the resignation of Boris Johnson, who lied…

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