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If anyone needs to feed the Queen’s corgis it’s me - June 2022 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - June 5th, 2022

I loved my gran. And my gran loved the Queen; because of the second world war; because of the corgis; and because of getting a television to watch the coronation in 1953. When I lived with her in the early 70s she had just upgraded to a colour TV and would not allow me to…

DOWNLOAD ‘PRINCE ANDREW IS A SWEATY NONCE’ BY THE KUNTS BY MINDNIGHT THURSDAY JUNE 2ND FOR JUBILEE CHART NO 2 SLOT VICTORY. ‘The only time I wanna see ‘big break’ and ‘Stewart Lee’ in the same sentence, will also involve his spinal column’ – Centerist Thug, Twitter WOKE SO-CALLED ‘COMEDIAN’ T-SHIRT There has never…

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