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FROM OUTTA THE ASS O’ Leapy Lee AUGUST 2012 - July 2012 July 20th, 2012

SWANDOWN Swandown is a film by the artist Andrew Kotting and the writer Iain Sinclair. I appeared in one scene with Alan Moore. The film opens in July. I urge you to see it on a big screen where its immersive power will smother you. Here’s their press release. “For four weeks throughout the…

It’s best not to join this Cluub! - August 1997 The Stage - By Cameron Robertson - August 28th, 1997

Club Z returns again for more brainwashing of the highest order. Simon Munnery (alias Alan Parker) is The League Against Tedium, a super-being of 1984 proportions who is better than us. He uses a large screen with hidden messages and short sketches to command his all-seeing, all-knowing, all- powerful, all-baloney facade over us. A range…

Cluub Zarathustra Edinburgh ’95 - August 1995 The Stage - By Russell Nash - August 17th, 1995

Comedy as art? It may seem like a strange idea but the guys at Avalon have been working on this concept for a while now and the end product is one of the most bizarre comedy shows in town. The brainchild of Simon Munnery, Cluub Zarathustra takes its inspiration from a vast number of sources.…

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