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STEWART LEE – BIG ISSUE FRINGE DIARY #2 - August 2007 Big Issue - By Stewart Lee - August 7th, 2007

Some say The Fringe is becoming too commercial. My new stand-up show, 41st Best Stand-Up In Bristo Square, is in The Milk Carton, an 8000 capacity Big Top Sports Arena in Bristo Square. Ted Whey and Harley Curd, two can-do former Guards officers with an interest in Fringe Theatre and alcopop retail, opened their Milk…

The Cheerful Heretic You’ll Not See On TV ★★★★ - August 2007 The Times - By Dominic Maxwell - August 6th, 2007

The 61st Edinburgh Fringe has begun, offering more than 2,000 shows. And though the 250 venues can be stifling and the rates for accommodation appalling, this is still the only city to be if you’re keen on theatre or comedy. Last year, more than 1.5 million tickets were sold – more than twice as many…

41st Best Standup Ever! ★★★★ - August 2007 The Guardian - By Brian Logan - August 6th, 2007

41st Best Standup Ever! - August 2007 Chortle - By Steve Bennett - August 6th, 2007

Fatherhood has had a calming influence on Stewart Lee. The potent combination of raw, visceral bitterness and powerful, combative intellect has been softened; no longer does he make mincemeat of scared cows, now we have sarcasm-drenched grumpiness at the dumbing down of Britain. It means his 2007 show doesn’t have the searing intensity and fearless,…

41st Best Standup Ever ★★★★★ - August 2007 Three Weeks - August 5th, 2007

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: The greatest comedy event in the world - August 2007 The Independent - August 5th, 2007

Veteran stand-up Stewart Lee explains the lure of the Fringe, 10 comics, young and old, tell us whether the scene is all smiles. And, for the punchline, a concise history of ‘alternative comedy’Rich Hall (in hat, then clockwise), Sean Lock, Stewart Lee, Tameka Empson and Phill Jupitus Next year I’ll turn 40, and for my…

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