The Ace Records Podcast - 5th December 2022

We welcome you to the Ace podcast, lovingly presided over for us by journalist, record collector and broadcaster Pete Paphides. This occasional series will feature interviews with guests from many branches of the extended Ace family, detailing their own careers, the artists that have influenced their lives and the records that they love, all enjoyably explored over two microphones and plenty of cups of tea.

Episode 27 – Stewart Lee

The celebrated comedian, journalist and documentary maker brings to the Ace podcast his unique take on the world, covering what Jimmy Tarbuck might have seen when given acid by the Beatles, how he met then-stranger Ian McShane for dinner when allowed out after a Covid lockdown and comparing a Dream Syndicate improvisation session to what he hopes to achieve with his stand-up. This is all via talks on record shopping in the Birmingham area, bogs and being a volunteer corpse.

It is the only Ace podcast that includes a live toilet break.

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