DVDs - Fist Of Fun Series 1

Go Faster Stripe presents a four disc set of Fist of Fun series 1.
It’s got the TV series of course, but also a lot more.

There’s commentaries on all the episodes from Rich and Stew.
The pair of them were reunited in Rich’s spare room one glorious Monday afternoon.
We’ve also got commentaries on some of the other episodes from Kevin Eldon and Ben Moor.

And – we’ve managed to find the 60 minute cash-in live show that Rich and Stew released on VHS video back in the day.

Oh, and an unbroadcast pilot episode and a short film of Rich and Stew reminiscing with a box of memorabilia from Rich’s attic.
But that’s not all. There’s studio rushes from some of the episodes.
That’s everything that was recorded on the night. So there’s fluffed lines, warm up men, deleted sketches and more.
Most DVD makers would have edited this down – but we enjoyed watching them all the way though, so we thought you would too.
There’s a length essay printed on the box which will guide you though them.

We have also included a mammoth set of files. There’s scanned in scripts – some that were filmed – some that were not, an mp3 bootleg of a live show recorded in Treforest.
There’s press releases, fan club information, images of props – and there’s some word documents that Rich found on his computer.
It’s quite extraordinary – if we do say so ourselves.
And of course there are hidden extras sprinkled around the discs.
As usual, the clues to their location are printed on the disc faces.

Fist Of Fun Series 1 is also available online for download / streaming at the following links;