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Hit & Miss At The Bush - January 2007 Morning Star - By Robert Tanitch - January 18th, 2007

What Would Judas Do? ★★★ - January 2007 Evening Standard - By Fiona Mountford - January 18th, 2007

Product: World Remix / What Would Judas Do? Bush Theatre ★★★ - January 2007 The Independent - By Paul Taylo - January 16th, 2007

An outrageous media-take on militant Islam, and a cranky perspective on the birth of Christianity are amusingly dramatised in an evening comprised of two monologues, which can be seen as individual shows or a piquant pairing. In Product World: Remix, the playwright Mark Ravenhill performs an expanded version of the piece he premiered at the…

Product: World Remix/ What Would Judas Do? – Bush Theatre - January 2007 Financial Times - By Sarah Hemming - January 16th, 2007

As well as being a playwright, Mark Ravenhill is also a witty and astute newspaper columnist, writing about the business of being a playwright. And in a sense, it is this Ravenhill who is to the fore in Product: World Remix, his mordant hour-long monologue satirising the movie industry (the first of these two short…

Product: World Remix/What Would Judas Do? Bush Theatre London - January 2007 Time Out - By Kieron Quirke - January 15th, 2007

The main link between these two short monologues, which can be seen separately, is the relative fame of their writers, Mark Ravenhill and Stewart Lee, and the novelty in seeing them ‘act’ – I use inverted commas because, in the event, only one them even gives that a proper go. In ‘Product: World Remix’, Ravenhill…

Product: World Remix ★★★★ / What Would Judas Do? ★★★ - January 2007 Music OMH Review - By Richard Ings - January 15th, 2007

What could possibly link Mark Ravenhill, the Damien Hirst of the theatre world, and Stewart Lee, the creator of the puzzlingly controversial Jerry Springer – the Opera? Presumably what appears to be a bloody-minded ability to inspire controversy and then thumb their nose at it? So stick two monologues together which treat Islam and Christianity…

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