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Q & A: Stewart Lee The Stage – January 2007 - January 2007 The Stage - January 21st, 2007

Comedian, writer and director Stewart Lee is well known for his controversial show Jerry Springer – the Opera, as well as being and established comedy writer, stand-up and one half of the comedy partnership Lee and Herring. He speaks to The Stage between performances at the Bush Theatre, to talk about his recent move towards…

What Would Judas Do? - January 2007 The British Theatre Guide - By Philip Fisher - January 20th, 2007

Stewart Lee is one of the men behind Jerry Springer – The Opera and so when he announced that he would perform his own solo play, directed by award-winning writer/actor Will Adamsdale, you could expect seats to go like hot cakes. If nothing else, there were likely to be a few fireworks and, with luck,…

Packing ‘Em In - January 2007 The Spectator - By Lloyd Evans - January 20th, 2007

20 Questions – What’s On Magazine - January 2007 What's On In London - January 20th, 2007

Raise A Glass To The Antidote To Fanatacism - January 2007 Labour Tribune - By Aleks Sierz - January 19th, 2007

Product / What Would Judas Do? ★★★ - January 2007 What's On In London - January 18th, 2007

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