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Picture the scene: it’s a gentle Sunday lunchtime in the late 1990s. Some dreary politics show has just finished on BBC One. The smell of roast potatoes wafts through the house. Grandma’s dozing in the armchair, a neighbour’s out washing their car, and the wholesome warbling of Radio 4 hangs in the air. Ahhh, Sunday.…

Lee & Herring at the Lyric Hammersmith - November 2008 The Times - By Dominic Maxwell - November 18th, 2008

Stewart Lee and Richard Herring revived their double act on Sunday night for only the second time in ten years. It was a feisty, fond occasion for the faithful – at least one of whom, Herring gleaned in his opening routine, had trekked from Exeter for the show. He’d be disappointed, Herring warned him, and…

Lee & Herring at the Lyric Hammersmith ★★★★ - November 2008 The Guardian - By Brian Logan - November 18th, 2008

A connoisseurs’ double act … Stewart Lee and Richard Herring. Photograph: Murdo Macleod “This may be the last time you see Lee and Herring perform together,” says Richard Herring, hyping up this one-off reunion gig. I hope not: they’re a connoisseurs’ double act. Stewart Lee may contend that time has run out on the now…

TMWRNJ 2.10 - June 1999 June 6th, 1999

TMWRNJ 2.8 - May 1999 May 16th, 1999

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