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Interviewed by Josie Long & Robin Ince for their Comedy Central Podcast

Interviewed by R Herring on his Leicester Square Theatre Podcast.

Undercover Comedy Interview - March 2012 Undercover Comedy - By Undercover Comedy - March 12th, 2012

Undercover Comedy Interview - March 2012 March 12th, 2012

Our interview with Stewart Lee, about the Alternative Comedy Experience, on Comedy Central, and more.

Faber Podcast: “…Milder Comedian” EP Book - January 2012 January 26th, 2012

Discussing The “If You Prefer A Milder Comedian…” EP with Ben Thompson for Faber.

WTF With Marc Maron - August 2010 August 11th, 2010

Marc takes in some of the world’s best works of art while staying in London. Wondering whether stand-up comedy counts as art, Marc puts the question to Stewart Lee, one of Great Britain’s most renowned comics. Hear how they both struggle to get their work to the stage (and in Stewart’s case, get into legal…

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