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Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2002 The Sunday Telegraph - By John Gross - August 18th, 2002

Edinburgh Review: Jerry Springer: The Opera at Assembly Rooms - August 2002 The Stage - By Cameron Robertson - August 15th, 2002

A terrific concept on which to meld high art with trailer trash, Springer’s notorious television show is parodied with considerable aplomb. The first half is straightforward. Similar to the small-screen version, the bizarre studio guests provide the fascination and entertainment. They include a grown man having a tantrum while posing as a self-defeating tot, mullet-haired…

Jerry Springer: The Opera - August 2002 Time Out - By Malcolm Hay - August 14th, 2002

Go Jerry, Go Jerry - August 2002 The Scotsman - By Maxie Szalwinska - August 9th, 2002

SPRINGER TIME FOR OPERA AND EDINBURGH - August 2002 Edinburgh Evening News - By Rory Ford - August 8th, 2002

IT’S Saturday afternoon and The Music Hall in The Assembly Rooms is steadily filling up. The occasion – which is becoming more and more like an ‘event’ as the room becomes more packed – is the second preview of Jerry Springer – The Opera. As more and more people file in, the man beside me…

Who Do You Think You Aria? ★★★★★ - August 2002 Fest Magazine - By Helen Pidd - August 7th, 2002

Two things spring immediately to mind when confronted with the title to this show. It’s an opera? Surely it’s just a single joke tenuously stretched over two hours? Don’t be dissuaded. It may have the structure of a conventional opera, and sure, it seems a bit of a one-trick pony at first. However the novelty…

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