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Talking to Iain Sinclair about ‘The Last London’ - November 2017 November 8th, 2017

Stewart Lee at the Millennium Forum tomorrow - September 2017 Derry Journal - September 26th, 2017

 One of the UK’s most famous comedians, Lee recalled a previous trip to Derry in an interview with the Derry Journal this week. “I have been to Derry before a number of times but I always arrived and left in darkness and never got to see it really. I am afraid I have no memory…

‘I think that Oxford and Cambridge are to blame for a lot of this’ - July 2017 Varsity - By Peter Chappell - July 25th, 2017

“Stewart Lee is not funny and has nothing to say” states one Telegraph review for Stewart Lee’s previous tour. Perhaps that critic was irritated by Lee’s ‘metropolitan elite’ reputation, or distinctively abrasive comic delivery. The quote now sits proudly on the promotional material for Lee’s current show, Content Provider. On stage, Lee plays a character…

Stewart Lee talks ahead of Birmingham show - March 2017 Express & Star - March 25th, 2017

Former Telford man Stewart Lee spent four years writing his latest works – a TV show called Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and a new tour called Content Provider. The tour is the comedian’s first new full-length show since the award-winning Carpet Remnant World. He’ll bring it to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall on Monday and Tuesday. And…

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