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The Goodies : The Complete BBC Collection - September 2018 September 13th, 2018

I interview Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie & Tim Brooke Taylor at Leicester Square Theatre as part of a DVD extra on a DVD box set of their BBC Catalogue In 1970, the Goodies unleashed their legendary blend of surreal storylines, strikingly topical satire, slapstick and general lunacy on an unsuspecting viewing public. Capturing the irreverent…

Hometown Tales: Birmingham - June 2018 June 28th, 2018

Hometown Tales is a series of books pairing exciting new voices with some of the most talented and important writers at work today. Some of the tales are fiction and some are narrative non-fiction – they are all powerful, fascinating and moving, and aim to celebrate regional diversity and explore the meaning of home. In…

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