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Alan Parker: Urban Warrior – Blast From The Past - October 2018 October 30th, 2018

Stewart is the uncredited and unpaid guitarist, bassist and co-writer on most of these messy, lo-fi, hardcore anarcho-punk pastiches from the comedian Simon Munnery in his alter ego, or real self, of Alan Parker.

John Cage: Indeterminacy CD - October 2018 October 30th, 2018

John Cage’s Indeterminacy performed by Steve Beresford, Tania Chen and Stewart Lee. Two different passes on Cage’s chance composition, recorded in 2011. This is a recording of a performance of John Cage’s Indeterminacy recorded by Stewart Lee (who is reading the cards) and Steve Beresford and Tania Chen (playing piano and objects). ‘Indeterminacy reminds those…

Shirley Inspired: A Tribute To Shirley Collins - October 2018 October 30th, 2018

An album of Shirley Collins covers featuring contributions from Graham Coxon, Lee Ranaldo, Bitchin Bonnie Billy Bajas (Bonnie Prince Billy), Stewart Lee, Eric Chenaux, Josephine Foster, Johnny Flynn, Stuart Estell, Trembling Bells and many more… Limited Edition 3xLP available on Record Store Day Earth Recordings are extremely proud to announce the release of ‘Shirley Inspired’.…

I am the guest vocalist on the track What Is Love? on the debut solo album by The Loves’ Simon Love.

I Monster: Bright Sparks - October 2018 October 30th, 2018

I am the narrator on the new album by I Monster, Bright Sparks, a mythological exploration of the prehistory of electronic music.

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