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Another goddamned appreciation of the late, lamented Bill Hicks - March 2014 The Observer - By Stewart Lee - March 1st, 2014

Twenty years after the tragic injustice of his goddamned death, isn’t it time we canonised Bill Hicks as the best goddamned stand-up comedian contemporary broadsheet newspaper critics have ever heard of? If only for belatedly providing dozens of desperate hacks and pro-celebrity columnists working in the last days of dying print media with the opportunity…

Bill Hicks - March 1997 The Sunday Times - By Stewart Lee - March 2nd, 1997

At the time of his death from pancreatic cancer three years ago, the American comic Bill Hicks was revolutionising stand-up comedy. A regular on David Letterman’s television show at home, here he could sell out West End theatres. With a brooding, rock-star-like stage presence, Hicks was feted by comedians such as Rob Newman and Sean…

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