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Let’s show we don’t all subscribe to the worst racist rhetoric of Brexit (This article first appeared on Chortle on the 28th December.) Stewart Lee on his campaign to get to No 1 with Asian Dub Foundation Move over Miley Cyrus and tell Ed Sheeran the news. A bunch of protest-music electro-punks and a 52-year-old…

Stewart Lee Xmas Xtra 24/12/20 - December 2020 December 23rd, 2020

Merry Winterval! Agit-pop stars Asian Dub Foundation sampled an old routine of mine on their new album, Access Denied, to make a song called Comin’ Over Here. If you download it, and their many inventive remixes, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve you can help make it the Brexit day No 1 the nation…

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