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HAVE A MEDIA GARAGE WINTERVAL WITH STEWART LEE - November 2019 November 23rd, 2019

Dear Fans, Yule Winterval is just around the corner! And yet, for festive culture consumers the world of physical media seems to have disappeared. But you can’t give someone a measly download code for Christmas, can you, Mr Scrooge? Media Garage are the official provider of all Stewart Lee physical media, except books. The company…

FROM THE METRO-LIB-ELITE DESK OF Stewart Lee deck 2019 - November 2019 November 20th, 2019

“If you had to kill Stewart Lee how would you do it? Stab his eyes out? Shotgun to the knees? Brain with heavy object?” Xpijonipsy, Twitter, 16/10/19, since removed “I’ve found it hard to get this article in print. One editor explained reluctance to publish on the grounds that the newspaper’s political team had cultivated…