‘Flags’ - 8th July 2016

IN EARLY 2015 I had a long routine about a cat named after UKIP politicians, but I had to drop it over the Summer of 2015, and re-write it to be about Jeremy Corbyn.

So utterly had UKIP dropped from public consciousness that no-one was even interested enough in them to laugh at them.

Of course, now they are a major force again, so here are 2 versions live of the routine from the spring of 2015.

Recorded live at the Oxford Playhouse as part of the ‘A Room With A Stew‘ tour on the 29th & 30th March 2015.
Recorded & Mixed by James Hingley.

Flags - Oxford Playhouse Night 1 - 29th March 2015

Flags - Oxford Playhouse Night 2 - 30th March 2015